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Meskla Home Details


Meskla Home Details was born out of its creator Filipa Martins' passion for decoration. We believe that each space has the power to positively influence people's lives, and that's what motivates us every day.



My name is Filipa Martins and I'm the face behind Meskla Home Details - Founder and Interior Designer.

From an early age I wanted to set up my own business in an area that I was really passionate about, and it was after six years working in the hotel and advertising industries that I decided to take the biggest step of my life.

It was when I started a new professional project that didn't live up to my expectations that I stopped to think - "what do I do now?" - and it was at this moment of uncertainty that an Interior Design course came into my life.  I embarked on this adventure without thinking twice, in a relaxed way and looking for an escape, but it soon became a passion, and it was from this passion that Meskla Home Details was born.



Our mission is to turn our clients' ideas and dreams into reality, transforming spaces into welcoming environments full of personality, where people feel good.
And spaces are not all about beauty: functionality and day-to-day practicality are one of the main concerns in our projects.



We are inspired by environments that convey tranquillity and well-being. We place great value on light and natural materials, especially wood, which has the power to give personality and make spaces more welcoming.



Our main value is an enormous respect for our clients, their expectations and tastes, and we always try to find solutions that meet their preferences.  We favor close and transparent communication at every stage of the project.


We are committed to innovate, inspire and further elevate the work that we are so passionate about. Join us on this exciting journey!

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