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Home Staging is a marketing technique that, combined with Interior Design, transforms a space to maximize its commercial potential. The objective is to make the house more attractive to potential buyers, highlighting its strengths, showing how the space can be lived and experienced, leading them to give more value to the space. We create an attractive, neutral, depersonalized environment, helping customers feel at home. ​


This technique is used in the real estate industry, whether the objective is to sell or rent, increasing the attractiveness of a space and increasing its value, speeding up its sale. For short-rentals or holiday homes, it helps to increase the occupancy rate or the value/day of the property. With this strategy, we aim to increase profitability for investors and offer an extraordinary experience to customers.


Sala de Jantar

Home Staging for Sale or Rent

Do you want to make your home more appealing for potential buyers and achieve a greater value for your property? We can work in 2 ways:


1. We can furnish and decorate your property so that the potential buyer has a better idea of ​​the space and understands how the house can be lived in - as an empty space can be difficult to imagine and even seem smaller. In the end, you can choose to sell/rent your property already furnished, or keep the pieces for a future home.


2. If you already have your home furnished, we 'detox' it from your personal items, and from decoration pieces and furniture that may be in excess, making the space look too busy. Also by reorganizing the furniture and through new pieces, we can give the house a new life and make the space more pleasant and appealing.

Home Staging for Short-Term
and Vacation Rentals

Provide your guests with an environment of tranquility and relaxation through a beautiful and careful decoration, that  offers them, at the same time, comfort and convenience. We need to think about all the guests' needs, in order to meet them in the best way possible, so they can have the most extraordinary experience.

Casa de férias com piscina
Quarto com luz

Show-Home Decoration
(Real or Virtual)

If you're marketing a property that's still in the planning stage or under construction, we can create 3D images so you can show potential buyers what the space might look like once it's finished! Or if you already have the floor completed, we can make the actual decoration of the space so you can take photos or make visits.

Professional Photography/Video Shoot for Commercialization

To differentiate your property in the market and make it even more attractive to potential buyers, it's worth investing in professional-quality photographs or videos that help highlight its strengths and enhance its beauty.

Sala de estar com sofá
Sala bem iluminada

Virtual Staging – 3D Projects

If you have an empty space or one with a non apealing decoration - and don't want to do a real decoration of the space - but would like to show potential buyers how the space could look if furnished, we can create 3D images of your property so that you can show the result and enhance the potential of the property without making a big investment.

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