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Quote Approval

Once you've told us a little about your decorating idea and we've gathered some information about the space (floor plan, photos, etc.), we'll give you a detailed quote with all the services included. A visit to the space may be necessary at this stage.


3D Project  + Moodboard

After showing you how the space will work in plan, and based on your indications, we move on to the 3D project, so that you can visualize your space decorated with the proposed pieces and better understand how the materials and colors work in the space.


Furniture Assembly and Instalations

That's the day everything starts to take shape! The project comes off the drawing board and becomes a reality: the furniture is assembled and the decorative pieces are placed in the space. Welcome to the house of your dreams!


Site Inspection and Briefing

We arrange a visit to your space, where we take measurements and make a photographic record of the existing situation. We also check whether you have any existing furniture that you want to include in the project, and what your ideas and expectations are. The functionality of the space is very important to us, so we want to understand how the space will be lived in.


Itens List

At this stage we present the 'shopping list' of all the furniture and decorative elements needed to complete the project, including the respective brands, quantities, references and prices.


Preliminary Study

In the preliminary study we draw the 2D floor plan with the positioning of the proposed furniture and space organization, so that you can understand our ideas and suggestions at first glance, giving the chance to discuss and adjust some points.


Handyman Services Quote

Once all the details have been worked out, we will quote, together with our partners, all the work and assembly needed to complete the project, such as installing curtains and shelving, for example. This includes on-site supervision by us..

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