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Quote Approval

Once you've told us a little about your idea and we've gathered some information about the space (floor plan, photos, etc.), we'll give you a detailed quote with all the services included. A visit to the space may be necessary at this stage.


3D Project

After presenting you with the new floor plan and following your instructions, we move on to the 3D project, so you can better visualise the desired result after the work has been carried out. The images can include furniture and decoration, if the client also wants a Decoration Project.


Itens List

Once all the finishes have been chosen, we develop the materials list, which includes the respective brands, quantities, references and prices. If the project also includes a Decoration Project, at this stage we also present the 'shopping list' for all the furniture and decorative elements.


Site Inspection and Briefing

We schedule a visit to your space, where we take measurements and make a photographic record of the existing situation. We want you to tell us about your ideas and expectations. The functionality of the space is very important to us, so we want to understand how the space will be lived in.


Building Permit

In cases where this step is necessary, particularly when there are changes to the façade (such as opening windows and doors), or significant changes to the structural layout (transforming a room into a kitchen, for example), we proceed to draw up the architectural project to apply for a council licence (if applicable).


Construction Quote

Once all the details have been worked out, we quote the work with our construction partner, to bring your project to life and make it a reality! This includes on-site construction supervision by Meskla Home Details.


Preliminary Study

In the preliminary study we redrew the floor plan with the new proposed layout and organisation of space, so  you can understand our ideas and suggestions at first glance, and have the chance to discuss and adjust some points.


Material Specifications

This is the stage of choosing the finishes, from flooring, wall coverings, sanitary ware, etc., which are then presented in a list of materials.  It also includes the design of all the fixed furniture, such as the kitchen, closets and bathroom furniture. We also draw up electrical and plumbing plans in the event of any alterations needed.


On-Site Supervision

If you want to do the work with another construction team (other than our partner team), you can always hire Meskla Home Details to monitor the work. We'll give you all the support you need, visit the site and answer any questions the team may have, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

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