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Did you know that most people prefer to renovate their home rather than move? How many times do we find ourselves looking at our home and imagining how beautiful it would be with a new kitchen, swapping the bathtub for a shower tray, or demolishing that wall and having a larger space?


At Meskla Home Detais we love to rethink spaces and make them more beautiful and functional for our clients. We know that construction works can be a daunting process, but we are here to make things easier and show you that it is worth making this investment and getting the house you have always dreamed of. We want to not only meet but exceed our clients' initial expectations, adding value to their properties while bringing them great emotional satisfaction.


Renovação Total

Total Renovation

We transform spaces into dream homes! We reorganize the layout and create a functional, beautiful and welcoming environment, where every detail is carefully chosen and tailored to your needs and preferences.

Renovação de Cozinhas

We give your kitchen a new look, replacing cabinets and appliances, and creating new solutions for storage and organization, ensuring not only an aesthetically appealing result, but also a highly practical one.

Kitchen Renovation

Renovação de Casas de Banho

We create practical and functional bathrooms for everyday needs, with good storage solutions and aesthetically beautiful. A perfect balance between functionality and beauty, with resistant materials and timeless style.

Bathroom Renovation

Design de Jardins

And because outdoor spaces are a natural extension of our homes, representing a harmonious transition between the cozy interior and the outdoor world, we create attractive and inviting environments, with lounge areas that invite relaxation, and vegetation that provides freshness and vitality.

Outdoor Design

Design de Restaurantes

If you have a commercial space and would like to give it a new life, or if you are going to open a new business, you can count on us to transform it into a captivating and highly functional space, where your customers feel welcome and your employees love to work!

+ Stores
+ Restaurants
+ Beauty Saloons
+ Offices
+ Etc


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